Amina Insights

A media fantasy

About Amina Insights

Amina Insights was founded in August 2019. We are an online advertising media agency based in Udaipur (India) and help brands promote their products via digital marketing and social media as well as through engaging the entertainment industry and celebrities in India.

We also provide the latest updated news relating to digital media, corporate branding in India through our advertising media agency and give insights into branding, advertising, and marketing. 

My Interest

We all know that without marketing no business or start-up can survive in today’s competitive and digital media world. I am always curious about how best to do branding in India and how to use social media to build brand identity. I am ever fascinated by branding, advertising and marketing!

the journey behind amina insights

Let us start from the beginning. My name is Faraz Hussain. I was born and borught up in Udaipur, city of lakes.